Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Day (Plus Many More) With Solavei

So far so good. Not sure if everyone's first concern is the fact that it is a prepaid plan or the quality of the voice and data provided, but it seems the consensus is thought that since it is on the T-Mobile towers you will receive the same quality that they provide. Not sure if this is quite the case. Sometimes I feel like the Solavei chip falls into the 3g more often than T-Mobile, then other days I don't. Ultimately it is hard to tell since I have to swap out chips and the process takes a while with out side by side testing of the two chips. At least I am able to test the exact same phone with all the same settings, apps and such. Overall call quality and data has been fine. I'm a heavy phone user, but not sure I would be classified as a power user. I average about 3 to 4 gigs of data a month. Since I'm knowingly trying to test out Solavei I may just be over using it a bit more than usual but speeds seem to keep up when I go to my favorite sites: espn, engadget, and androidandme ( your favorite porn sites will probably use up more data than these, not suggesting my readers watch porn, just mentioning a theory). Youtube runs good with little to no buffering.

I'm overall satisfied with Solavei. I don't use voice often if at all, possibly 50 minutes a month on average with hardly ever topping 100. Being with T-Mobile myself already and Solavei being on the same towers there is little to no difference in the quality for me. Where the difference comes in is the cost. Switching to Solavei is going to save my wife and I mucho dollares. With fear of T-Mobile's potential new plans I have started saving up my android income and hopefully can start dropping contracts in the next few months. Solavei is criticized as being a pyramid scheme and wrongfully so since a scheme would mean that there is no product or service. With Solavei there is a service and it is actually just as good as the others out there, but cheaper and with a potential to make money. I don't want to sell anyone on making money with it. Sure you can if you are the business sabby individual that wants to put their full time into it, but I want to suggest it to you for the cheap cell phone service that it is. If you are not bound by contract give it a try, if you are bound forget this article and move on. If I never recruit anyone, that's fine I still have unlimited everything for $50 a month. If I can get 3 people to join and stay with it, then I got unlimited everything for $30 a month. Should have cut down the article to the last two sentences and been done, nuff said.

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