Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Amazon Entry

I've finally got my first application posted to the Amazon App store. I went with the Recent Call Log first not only because it was the easiest of my apps to fit into Amazon's strict limits but also because it is by far my most popular app. Eventually, I plan on adding the paid version and also getting my two Colors by Numbers application posted. You hear all the complaints of developers with the iphone and amazon app stores, but you don't really feel the pain until you attempt yourself. I'm so used to throwing up an update on any of my applications whenever I want at any time of the night. I am often updating them late at night. Posted the this app to Amazon late on Friday and it probably wasn't touched all weekend. Review probably started Monday and didn't end till today. Yikes... oh, well. I got it up and that's all that matters. Hopefully, I can post all of my apps to Amazon and I will as long as the profit out weighs the 100 bucks a year it costs to be an Amazon developer. Either way, for now I have to options for getting my recent call log. Enjoy!

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