Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally, do they get it?

Pure Breeze Launcher

Check out "Pure Breeze Launcher"

Wow, I think Samsung is the first company to go the way I believe all Android cell phone makers should go. They made a skin and put it on the market. I have had many different blogs and each time I have typed on and on about how the companies should start selling skins on the market and leave their phones pure untouched vanilla stock Android. Now, it's not the best and just like the skins they force on their phones, people are not going to like the skin, but it is a start and people can choose not to buy it. Most Android cell phone companies create skins for their phones. Most buyers seem to complain about them (minus HTC users). Motorolla has probably gotten the most critizism for their damn blur, I had the original Cliq (complete headache). Thank god Google bought them, maybe their skin will only be a small "blur" in the early stages of Android. Something we all can forget. Now that Samsung has posted their "skin" on the market, maybe it will be one less forced skin that we will not have to deal with anymore. Those that want it can give Sammy some extra cash for their burden. I don't care how much the skins suck, I probably won't ever use them. Every time I try one I delete them within a few days. I want more options of phones. Yea, there are many Android phones out there but I want stock and options for those seem to be shrinking. Come on companies, you're paying too much to not realize Android users prefer stock or HTC's sense, everyone else quit it!  

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