Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jonbze the app

Finally!! I posted my website app. I have played back and forth with various ideas for a personal promotion app. I originally made one that was paid, hoping it would be a donation app that people could purchase if they were happy with my other apps. Either people were too cheap, or my early apps were not that good... I'm actually thinking the latter myself, although Android users are known to be cheaper, you bastards. You can head to the Play Store here to download it if you like.

Next step is to finish up the Irvington Garden Club app that I have also been working on. Think that I am done with it soon. After getting stuff straight I figured out more efficient builds for using html. You can read my previous post to catch more on all that. Unless you don't want to...

After posting the Irvington app and getting it all set and purty for the site, I will then update the Bze app again to include this app.

Then I will finish up the final touches on Colors by Numbers. I have made many updates including changing Scoreloop to Swarm, but am again considering another change with some recent ad services I have found. In the meantime I will continue to incorporate Swarm. And update you with all that BS in the post after I finish this step. Again after fixing up Colors with a possible name change I will update the Bze once again.

Once those steps are all done, there may or may not be some updates to Recent Call Log and Home Screen Call Logs. If there are then I will have to update Bze AGAIN! If there are no changes then hopefully I can then get back to work on something I have had under development for a bit and am extremely excited about and hopefully some close folks to me will also be excited. Top Secret here peeps.

As always and forever thanks for all the support and the negativity, I'm making money from both all the same! So boo ya!

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  1. I realize this is an old post, but I couldn't find any other way to contact you. I lover your Call Log app, BUT, if there was any way to add the day (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) not the date that would be awesome. Many times when I need to call back a new client I haven't saved in my address book a week or two earlier, I recall the day I spoke with them, and definitely not the date.