Thursday, March 7, 2013


I'm giving Solavei a test run. I've been intrigued by the service for a few months and finally got the sense to go for it. Whether you've heard of it or not I'm going to go over it below. I've been contemplating breaking contract with T-Mobile for well over a year now and almost did last year when I got anxious for a new phone. So instead I upgrade for two more years to get the HTC One S. Shortly after doing so I found the Solavei service and regretted the upgrade.

First off, it's a cell phone service. Unlimited everything for $49 a month, plus tax. It's a non-contract prepaid plan. So far all of this is pretty conventional for unlimited prepaid mumbo jumbo. If all you want is a cheap unlimited service than go no further, but what seems to set this apart from other companies is the chance to earn money back. Set up like a pyramid scheme, each user gets a chance to make money off each other user they sign up for the service, and then each user they sign up and so on. Yea, some businesses get in big trouble and immediately are labeled as a scam, but this service is actually something people use. Who do you know that doesn't own a cell phone? How many of your buddies have a phone with out a data plan? Which of the four post paid companies are you shelling out loads of cash to?

Again, this is a cheap plan with the potential to earn money. The service uses T-Mobile bands and since I already know they provide good service in the area I'm going to assume that my same phone will do just fine, but I guess that's why I'm giving it a test run first. However, even if the voice quality is poor I will probably continue to use the service. I hardly talk on the phone, so unlimited calling is surely useless for me, but my wife will probably take advantage. I'm probably going to stick with the service through any potential issues they may have as long as I'm making some extra cash. Like a cheap app with ads, I'm willing to put up with more due to my cheap ways.

So, to sum it up. I'm testing out a cheap cell phone service called Solavei. With it I'm not going to have to worry about contracts, going over minutes data or messages, or spending way too much money. If you want to find out more about the service you can either email me or head over to my sign up page.

Oh, and encase you might care, I have been working on a major update for Colors by Numbers! Don't hold your breathe (because you may pass out) but I'm hoping it will come out soon. Thought I should let people know I'm still in the developing game, just took another one of my long ass hiatuses!

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