Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Feels Good!

I've got a good feeling, indeed. Not sure what's different this time. It's probably my  excitement to go back to school or maybe the fact that my Google ad revenue has been increasing without doing a damn thing for a year. No, maybe it's the  excitement of being eligible for a phone upgrade. New devices always bring a spark of life to me. Ewe almost pushed my self to go for a windows phone... Before you hate think about my situation. I'm on T-Mobile jump program where I can switch every six months. Thought I could try it out and always go back to my beloved Android. After all I'm looking to make money off this whole developing apps thing! Maybe I could pop out an app in those six months...

I'm pretty much an Android fanboy all the way. I convert most iPhone users and windows users, meh, never met one... Any others out there? Sorry for no shout out, but seriously? Any company trying to come out with a new mobile os right now that's cute but it's probably not going to get you anywhere at this point. The market is in control for many years to come.

Per usual I'm all over the place, so to sum up. Yay Android, yay school, and yay money!

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