Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stop lollygagging...

It's about time I stop. I have wasted too much time I can't get back. Many tiny and major things have occurred to build up the culmination of change in me. So I'm going to get my shit together. Today marks the day (technically it was a while back, but you don't know that, well, I guess now you do...)!

Since it was mostly a hobby, I felt I could step away and do something else for fun. Now my brain is mush and Facebook games are getting boring again... I know, right? I'm a gamer that stooped that low and desperate to get addicted to Facebook games! Anyway, I believe I'm digressing or maybe it's my point who knows. Either way I'm coming back. It's been too damn long since making a post. And Twitter people, not sure if you care, but I'll be back there sooner or later too.

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