Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Amazon Entry

I've finally got my first application posted to the Amazon App store. I went with the Recent Call Log first not only because it was the easiest of my apps to fit into Amazon's strict limits but also because it is by far my most popular app. Eventually, I plan on adding the paid version and also getting my two Colors by Numbers application posted. You hear all the complaints of developers with the iphone and amazon app stores, but you don't really feel the pain until you attempt yourself. I'm so used to throwing up an update on any of my applications whenever I want at any time of the night. I am often updating them late at night. Posted the this app to Amazon late on Friday and it probably wasn't touched all weekend. Review probably started Monday and didn't end till today. Yikes... oh, well. I got it up and that's all that matters. Hopefully, I can post all of my apps to Amazon and I will as long as the profit out weighs the 100 bucks a year it costs to be an Amazon developer. Either way, for now I have to options for getting my recent call log. Enjoy!

Friday, August 26, 2011


If you aren't a real young buck, you probably are pretty familiar with this game. It's one of the classics and today it is the Amazon App of the Day. It is pretty much exactly how I remember the game, and this is probably why it is getting some low scores. I haven't looked into why the ratings are so low, but I'm assuming that either young kids that don't understand why this is a game or older folks wishing there were some new features are unhappy with the replica game of old. I didn't play many levels of the game because I myself seem to find this type of game tedious and haven't really had the desire to play. It's too bad. During the braces portion of my life I spent many afternoons in the orthodontist office playing the arcade version of this very game. Having only a SNES at the time, I was excited to get my hands on any game I could play, they were all fun and exciting. Today, it seems the gaming world expects a lot more. I have my own game that seems to be suffering from the same issue. Years ago my game may have peeked many people's interest and kept waiting patrons busy, but today it seems the individuals that download my game scoff and curse my name that they even wasted their time with it. The game may bring in the players that reminisce of older simpler times, but I have a feeling that without a new fresh design on the game it won't attract too many young players to the mix. At least everyone can give it a try for free today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not Call Log - Paid

This is not a very extensive application, but it is greatly usefully. After calls it sends the phone either back to what you were working on or to something else you choose to have it send. For example, I have my phone go to the home screen after hanging up. There are many different options depending on whether you made the call or it was an incoming call.  There is also a free version available, but hey a dollar ain't much to support a great developer.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dragon Fly!

With an App market flooded with games, it's hard to find a game that I typically keep installed for more than a day. Simply put, if it isn't Peggle, Plants Vs Zombies, or an emulator, it just doesn't hold my attention. Being a guy that likes to turn on his Xbox 360 daily, even if it's to play a quick game of fruit Ninja, I consider myself an avid gamer. That being said, I walked through my workplace and happened to chance upon someone playing this game, Dragon Fly.

The concept is simple enough, you are being chased by your mamma, because you have escaped from your nest. Seeing as you are still a baby, you have yet to grasp the concept of flying, so you have to use hills as momentum, swooping down, then flying upward hill after hill. Simple right? Well the creator has thrown in challenges that once completed, will increase the level of your dragon. Some of them are simply reaching a level, while some are a little more challenging such as collecting 100 diamonds.

One of the more interesting aspects of the game is the fact that the levels change every day. So if you find yourself unable to finish a challenge, simply wait until tomorrow, and try again. So if you are unable to collect those 100 diamonds today, tomorrow there may be a level filled with more diamonds.

My final verdict is that this game is definitely worth a try, especially since it is free. While it doesn't have the staying power of Angry Bords, or Plants Vs Zombies. It is most def worth a few plays.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Txt Msg Away Message

This is the Amazon App of the Day today. Neat idea, I wouldn't buy it myself, but since it was free I always give them a try. I probably will never use it and delete it by the end of the week, but I could see myself installing it before a vacation. Turn it on and anyone that tries to bother me while I'm gone would get a big fat auto response of: "Leave me alone, I'm vacaying!" I also understand business peeps who go into meetings and probably can't answer their texts would need an auto response so clients or vicious girlfriends wouldn't get upset with them and drop 'em. Anyway, it's free today, so try it!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

App 2 SD Pro

I'm a bit late with this, but the app to the side was recently on Amazon's app of the day. It's a pretty sweet app that lets you quickly move apps from your phones internal memory to any sd card that you have in the phone. The main activity lets you move apps one by one or many at a time. What I feel is the best feature is that the app has a notification system that lets you know if any new application you install is capable of being stored in the sd card. Clicking on the notification sends you straight to the applications option to store it in the card. Enjoy!

Get it together!

Yea, I know. Lately my website has been changing back and forth, doing this and that. I have been trying to make things easier on myself. I also have been testing with blogs and various pages that allow for ads, they sort of keep this hobby up. Most free blogs don't let you have ads on them. That is why I have come full circle to where I first started blogging. Since google owns blogger they are more than willing to put ads on your free blog. Thus I am here and grateful that google is willing to pay people as they sleep. So bare with me and thanks for all the support. I think I have finally found the most appropriate method of blogging and set standard for my website.