Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I miss lala.com

I don't mean the disc trading service, nor do I mean the uploading service, but the service that they last left us with. I found it to be the best music services that had promises of new applications for both Android and Apple. With recent news of Spotify limiting their services in a week or so, I am again left to weigh my options with the cheapest and easiest way to get my music fill in. At Purdue I had my internet cut off from illegal downloads off Kazaa, when I then decided to use a new services that let all college students play free libraries... which only last for a few months. I later transferred to Edinboro where everyone got me set up with another illegal downloading of Limewire. But campus was good at eliminating those services and tried my luck with unknown 20 buck a year services that I later found out were also illegal. Rhapsody began to get some popularity and we resorted to 25 free tracks a month, yea, no that sucked! Limewire was installed and uninstalled a few times. Then I finally got a job, Rhapsoday was cool for a few months, sucked when I tried to cancel the membership (picture Peggy from Discover card commercials). Tried Zune, they gave 10 songs DRM free! Oh, the good ol' days of DRM. Tried Napster, tried eMusic, tried eMusic, god, I hated eMusic... Heard many rumors of Apple starting up their own unlimited subscription plans, year after year, and then finally when we all thought it was happening, nope, they did some crap service that I don't even feel like making the effort to search for, something about all year pass to certain singers/bands music, blah. Then Lala popped up (yea, if you haven't noticed, I don't care about my timeline). It sucked, then seemed aight, then was da bomb. As soon as Lala.com started to provide unlimited song plays for 10 cents apiece I was in lala land. I spent more money out of pocket on music then I think I ever have before. I don't think I was alone either with people joining and multiplying on the site daily. Then amazing news of an Apple buyout rolled up and down the internet. "Yay! Apple's buying one of the best music services in the world and going to ensure that it never ever goes out of business because they know how to make music cheap and affordable to all!" So, that didn't happen and then Spotify pretended to be awesome, but isn't and I'm sad about that. Damn, I should check to see if there is still music on Limewire or is there nothing but viruses and porn left?