Thursday, October 18, 2012


No rockin' just rollin' with the updates. Implementing Tap for Tap all over the place. Dropping Appflood and Admob, not because I don't like them, but because Tap for Tap is doing everything these days, between adding a revenue service and actually being taps for taps now instead of views for views. Colors by Numbers lost Scoreloop and gained Swarm. Finally, my favorite! I have added Kiip to Colors by Numbers. A fun add-on that allows for prizes in apps. So now I have Colors fully loaded, achieve high scores and win many items from mp3s to Skittles. Taste the Rainbow folks, TASTE IT!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jonbze the app

Finally!! I posted my website app. I have played back and forth with various ideas for a personal promotion app. I originally made one that was paid, hoping it would be a donation app that people could purchase if they were happy with my other apps. Either people were too cheap, or my early apps were not that good... I'm actually thinking the latter myself, although Android users are known to be cheaper, you bastards. You can head to the Play Store here to download it if you like.

Next step is to finish up the Irvington Garden Club app that I have also been working on. Think that I am done with it soon. After getting stuff straight I figured out more efficient builds for using html. You can read my previous post to catch more on all that. Unless you don't want to...

After posting the Irvington app and getting it all set and purty for the site, I will then update the Bze app again to include this app.

Then I will finish up the final touches on Colors by Numbers. I have made many updates including changing Scoreloop to Swarm, but am again considering another change with some recent ad services I have found. In the meantime I will continue to incorporate Swarm. And update you with all that BS in the post after I finish this step. Again after fixing up Colors with a possible name change I will update the Bze once again.

Once those steps are all done, there may or may not be some updates to Recent Call Log and Home Screen Call Logs. If there are then I will have to update Bze AGAIN! If there are no changes then hopefully I can then get back to work on something I have had under development for a bit and am extremely excited about and hopefully some close folks to me will also be excited. Top Secret here peeps.

As always and forever thanks for all the support and the negativity, I'm making money from both all the same! So boo ya!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Distracted again?

Wow, I am easily distracted in my old age... Again I have been off and on with the developing of Android apps. Recent inspiration was due to some new app ideas including an app version of my website. Only to again be distracted by an immense laziness to find a cheap or possibly free (yes still a cheap ass fool) way to quickly build the app that would display my blog. I am not happy with many them, most look as cheap as they are and the nicer ones cost about how they look. A quick list of the ones that I visited and created various website apps (hold on have to go through the mass of emails that hold my various new account info): mobile by ConduitAndromoShoutEmAppsGeyser, buzztouch, PhoneGap, Infinite Monkeys, MagmitoiBuildApp and many others, but I tire of finding them all so Google online app makers if you want more. Eventually I somehow wound all the way around to downloading the Appcelerator software, it was not what I thought it was... at all. So, I am uninstalling the program as I write up this post. I had really wanted to work on my applications tonight, but my computer space was feeling cluttered in and around my computer. I am cleaning up unused software and clearing unused crap off the hard drive. The tidy computer nerd in me loves to clean out the good ol' hard drive while having idle hands (was that an innuendo). Some may find this to be yet another distraction from getting down to business, but any step toward a goal is a step in the right direction. It's a better step than cleaning out emails, which I just caught myself doing.

What did I choose you ask? Ha, who am I kidding. I'm sure you don't even care, but I will tell you anyway. I have found that I not only love to hear myself talk but also love to read my own writing... I've sorta choose none of them. If I put any of them to use it will probably end up being PhoneGap, but only through a library package that I have been using in Eclipse. Ultimately it lets me redirect Android activities to html documents saved within the application. This add-on has been fun to play with, but it is also frustrating me because it has a long load time for display every time I re-open the app. Also, as I play with the coding I just found that PhoneGap doesn't do crap for me other than change a few lines of code, delay my app, and add a butt load of permissions that the user has to agree to and then bitch at me as to why there are so many damned permissions.

Finally, the ultimate reason for me to make the app from scratch is for complete customization including gosh darn ads!! Yea, just what you want to hear, my main reason is to implement those annoying ads. For me, the most frustrating thing about trying out the online app makers was the inability to show my own ads. My intentions for the apps was for added revenue more than anything. I do want to make this more than a past time after all. Since I am discussing ads, I would like to point out the new pushtab system I got going on the site. Saw this on another site and was extremely intrigued with the uses on my site. I am always looking for inspiration to get on this blog more often and hope this will give me some. I will start adding new features that will allow you to earn gift cards, so look out for them.

This mad dash for an easy method to build apps did nothing more than help me come to the conclusion that I can do better by myself and opened my eyes to possible revenue streams. By the way, how the hell did I get to this site. Thanks for all the continued support and look for a few new Jonbze apps to hit the Android Play Market!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Finally finally finally!!!

After one extremely long hiatus I made a couple updates to my apps. Colors by Numbers I just changed some ads that I am using. I went for two services that I am just finding out about, AppFlood and StartApp. I like my new strategy if I may say. By now most people know I'm cheap, and out of the that respect I want to make things cheap for my users. AppFlood is a free alternative for me to advertise my apps and draw installs. So, with AppFlood I hopefully will draw in new players, for free, and StartApp pays me a couple cents for each new download of my apps, there is a catch though and not just for me, the user too. StartApp installs bookmarks and a search icon on the main screen. Yes, the user can delete it at anytime without affecting my apps, but I'm sure when that is seen in the description many users turn away from installing the app. Either way, this method seems to be working so far boosting my revenue from before implementation and my installs have actually increased.

My Recent Call Log has just about the same new setup. I have StartApp, but it is paired with AdMob Mediation and Tap for Tap. Admob is a popular ad service startup that has since been consumed by Google and is for use strictly for app services. They have a new mediation service where you can run their ads and other ads together without having too much extra coding in the app itself. So, I have Tap for Tap running 90% of the ads and AdMob the rest of the 10%. Tap for Tap is great for my Recent Call app due to it's show for show policy. Tap for Tap is close in style to AppFlood where as they both offer a one for one free service. AppFlood's is one download for one download. So if a user downloads an app from an ad off your app you will get a download of your app off another app. Tap for Tap will show an ad of your application for every one ad that you show on your app. The potential for growth with this method is much higher since ads are shown each time the user opens the app, where as a click on an ad is far and few between let alone expecting someone to also download the item after clicking on the ad.

Ads are not the only updates I made, for Recent Call I also made major updates to the UI that match the 4.0 for anyone with 4.0 and some tweaks for all users, including fixes for the force closes that were occurring when returning to the app shortly after leaving it! I'm excited about the updates and hope others are too. As always, thanks for the support and thanks for downloading!

P.S. I am still working on incorporating contact photos into the call logs, just trying to figure out the best way possible.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I miss

I don't mean the disc trading service, nor do I mean the uploading service, but the service that they last left us with. I found it to be the best music services that had promises of new applications for both Android and Apple. With recent news of Spotify limiting their services in a week or so, I am again left to weigh my options with the cheapest and easiest way to get my music fill in. At Purdue I had my internet cut off from illegal downloads off Kazaa, when I then decided to use a new services that let all college students play free libraries... which only last for a few months. I later transferred to Edinboro where everyone got me set up with another illegal downloading of Limewire. But campus was good at eliminating those services and tried my luck with unknown 20 buck a year services that I later found out were also illegal. Rhapsody began to get some popularity and we resorted to 25 free tracks a month, yea, no that sucked! Limewire was installed and uninstalled a few times. Then I finally got a job, Rhapsoday was cool for a few months, sucked when I tried to cancel the membership (picture Peggy from Discover card commercials). Tried Zune, they gave 10 songs DRM free! Oh, the good ol' days of DRM. Tried Napster, tried eMusic, tried eMusic, god, I hated eMusic... Heard many rumors of Apple starting up their own unlimited subscription plans, year after year, and then finally when we all thought it was happening, nope, they did some crap service that I don't even feel like making the effort to search for, something about all year pass to certain singers/bands music, blah. Then Lala popped up (yea, if you haven't noticed, I don't care about my timeline). It sucked, then seemed aight, then was da bomb. As soon as started to provide unlimited song plays for 10 cents apiece I was in lala land. I spent more money out of pocket on music then I think I ever have before. I don't think I was alone either with people joining and multiplying on the site daily. Then amazing news of an Apple buyout rolled up and down the internet. "Yay! Apple's buying one of the best music services in the world and going to ensure that it never ever goes out of business because they know how to make music cheap and affordable to all!" So, that didn't happen and then Spotify pretended to be awesome, but isn't and I'm sad about that. Damn, I should check to see if there is still music on Limewire or is there nothing but viruses and porn left?