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I want to share a list of the apps that I use for investing and to improve our finances. I am going to try and keep the list updated with frequently used and quality apps higher up. Coming back to this list after a few months and I have noticed that most of the crypto apps have completely changed, which only makes sense since it is a fast moving community.

Celsius: I have grown to prefer this wallet the most. I like how they take security pretty serious. I had not previously understood the idea of taking loans against your crypto, but with such low rates I have finally seen the idea behind the method. I have not taken one out yet, but will soon. Being able to take out one of the lowest interest rate loans I have ever seen will help in my journey to cut down on credit card debt and pay off school loans. Here is my promo code:

M1 Finance: My favorite app for stock investing. Not good for trading, because you select the percent in each holding and then it automatically buys enough of each stock to bring each holding to the percent you set it to. You can turn this feature off and do trades, but due to times of windows and you can't set limits it is not a good option. They offer a credit card and banking service, but I have neither. They offer low interest loans that you can take out against your holdings. I would love to see them add crypto.

Tally: This is the first app that brought my attention to financial apps. Tally provides a revolving credit line of no more than $3000 that is used to pay down your high interest rate credit cards. My APR started at 10% with them, which is tremendously low compared to my regular credit cards. Unfortunately, we ran up some cards and it has helped us pay off a huge portion. Also, if you have lower balances it is still helpful that the app pulls all your cards to one app, which allows you to pay your cards through the app even if their balances are not moved to Tally credit line.

BlockFi: Now that they have added ACH, I use them as my fiat onramp. I send this account some usd, the I have it set to buy a few bucks of bitcoin and etherium daily. It also has a decent interest that pays out monthly. It allows one free transfer out a month, I send huge chunks from here to Celsius. Here is my promo code:

SoFi: Great app for applying for new loans and refinancing loans. They provide credit scores and finance services similar to Mint. They also have a high interest checking account and various options for investing in stocks and cryptocurrency. They have fractional share investing and auto investing, which is currently free, but they have plans to implement fees. If they do, my cheap ass will pull from them and either invest myself or move it to bitcoin. They also have a new credit card that has been great so far. They make it clear how much you have to pay to avoid monthly charge fees and they let you invest the points that you earn from using the card, yes I could request cash back and then reinvest it but it streamlines the process, plus you can earn extra points by doing stuff in the app not just for spending money. Here is my promo code:

Betterment: First invest app I ever did was Acorns years ago, but I pulled money out because it wasn't worth the monthly fees. I found Betterment years later but was not consistent enough and did not fully understand the depth of investing, but now that I have stuck with it for a long enough period I see that their fees are not bad compared to the profits that I am seeing from them. However, I am considering moving this money to Wealthfront which allows free auto investment for the first $5000 in the account. Here is my betterment promo code: This started out as one of my favorite apps, but it is slowly moving down the list. They still have a great product, but maybe because they were so high at first they are starting to diminish. I still love that I get free Spotify and now Netflix from having the Jade metal card, but I have been using the card less and less because I am not getting cash back from places where I was previously using the card. They have dropped earn rates and the value of CRO has been dropping with each change that they make. I believe it will go up with the bull run and I have already made decent gains from their services. I will continue to keep their metal card as long as they continue to provide these streaming services free. Here is my promo code:

Prism: This is my favorite bills app. Prism lets you keep track of all your bills. If your billing accounts allow access you can pay most of them through Prism itself.

AnchorUSD: Slowly enjoying this app more. APR is low for most tokens but their own AnchorUSD token has been at 7.83% since I have used them. They have zero trading fees but their prices when trading current prices seems higher than other exchanges. I have been testing limit orders and prefer them here, the advantage being that with Anchor you earn interest daily, including what you have held in orders. They don't have a huge list of cryptos but who buys low cap coins anyway? They also move money in and out of their accounts the fastest I have seen, and trading and earning interest starts immediately after a deposit is started. Website:

Mint: I have used this app for years upon years. It has been good to see my income and spending habits. And a few years back when our bank account was hacked and we no longer had access to the old account we were able to search Mint to find old payments we had made with the old account. Website:

Nexo: Found this one shortly after Celsius. They are similar platforms. They have recently started to imitate Celsius's earning model also, but like them earn in Nexo is not available in the US. I feel like if they do this first they will take away customers from Celsius, until then earning and loans are better on the Celsius platform. They have a debit card, but not sure it is getting released any time soon and I keep moving further and further down the waiting list, which is frustrating. Help me move up?

Outlet: Initially, they had higher earning rates, but they made the decision to keep the rate at 6%, which is still considerably higher than banks, but still less than I have found in some of these other apps. ACH deposits seem to take around a week to start earning interest on your account. They started a waitlist for a debit card, but like many of the debit cards in this space right now there is a long waitlist that I have been at 3629 since day one. Here is my promo code:

CashApp: My use of CashApp fluctuates with their features and promos. They recently added some cash back options with bitcoin that started at 3%, but then to 1% the next week, they also cap it at $7.50 per purchase on most of their cash back options. I love how quickly you can move money to the account, which has been useful at Costco where they only take Visa and I have to scramble to move money around or when you want to buy dips with bitcoin or stocks. Although, I do not buy bitcoin directly from them since their fees are higher than other sources. My promo code:

Robinhood: Yea yea, I'm a millennial, so it is required of me to lose money, I mean invest with this app. Used this app early on to invest, but moved on and emptied it out to some other platforms that I prefer, still here is my promo code if you have never signed up previously:

Webull: Signed up for free stocks, held them for a bit and then sold. I currently hold nothing here since there are apps that are more simple to use and let you buy fractional shares. However, here is my promo code for free stocks if you have never signed up:

ZenGo: Found this one looking for a good APR for XTZ token. The app is nice aesthetically, but that is not enough for me, and they have said that they are looking for ways to collect earnings through monthly fees. They have not but I still pulled my XTZ, because I have consolidated a lot of my tokens to etherium and bitcoin. They also had a damn waitlist for a debit card. Here is my promo code:

Dharma: They got bought by opensea and discontinued support for the wallet.

Argent: Great ethereum wallet. They cover the cost of sending tokens from their wallet. They make investing in DeFi easy. They also have a convenient fiat on ramp, but it can take over a week using ACH bank transfer. Website:

Atomic: Good all around wallet. Provides most coins and many options for easy staking. I'm just not into non-custodial wallets. Website:

Brave: Started using this browser to earn BAT tokens. Website:

Uphold: As far as I am aware, this is the only way to transfer BAT out of the Brave browser. Their debit card seemed interesting but I have not earned any cash back from its use. Not sure if it is broken or they just limit what purchases receive cash back. I mostly just buy bitcoin weekly, watch it grow and move my BAT to bitcoin every time the browser pays out. Website:

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